Head of the House Prayer

At times we all need help, there is no shame in this, and for some of us like myself, I look to God as the ultimate source of help and strength. So here is a prayer I wrote asking God for help in being the best head of the household and husband I can be.

Feel free to use it if it helps

Dear Lord,
I come before you to ask for your help to be the kind of husband and head of my home that you have tasked a Christian man to be.

Please help me to always love my wife unconditionally, respect her, lift her up, and to never be harsh with her. I ask for your help in leading my wife back home to your unending and unconditional love.

Please help me find the right path to lead my wife down to bring us closer to you. I ask that you grant me the strength and courage to stand tall in the face of any danger without letting my faith waiver.

Please help me always forgive her regardless of her transgression and to wipe the slate clean. Never let me forget that she, like I, is a human being doing her best. Please help me never take her submission and obedience for granted.

Please grant me the wisdom to know when to show my wife mercy and when to discipline her when she errs. Help me to remember to never discipline her out of anger or hurt, but rather out of love and a sincere desire to help her be a better person.

Please help me to be humble enough to admit when I have wronged her and to seek forgiveness. Help me avoid the sin of pride and to remember that I will fail and make mistakes.

I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ Your Son and Our Savior.