Rules Matter!

A fundamental aspect of a domestic discipline relationship is the setting of rules for your wife. After all, you cannot discipline someone if you haven’t provided rules that they must follow. If you haven’t set rules, then there is no way that your wife can follow you or obey you.

When you set rules you need to make sure they are realistic rules that she can comply with, if domestic discipline is new for you, I recommend starting out with things that don’t impose any significant changes that she can comply with without much trouble. For example, you might consider a rule where she is expected to have dinner ready at a certain time or that she isn’t allowed to swear.

I also suggest not bogging her down with a ton of rules. I started my wife off with ten plus one rules to follow. If you set unrealistic rules or too many rules you run the risk of overwhelming her and causing unnecessary stress for her. Remember, you can add, remove, or make changes to the rules as you need to over time.

Your goal, after all, isn’t to find reasons to punish her, instead you are taking on some very important roles both in terms of the relationship as a whole and for her. You have promised to become her leader, her guide through life, and yes her disciplinarian when needed, among other things.

The rules you set should have a purpose and make sense. Don’t make a rule just to make a one. When you are setting them, ask yourself why you want to make that rule. If you can’t answer the question or the answer is simply “because I can”, you might want to reconsider it.

Useless rules, ones that are just there “because you can”, or are meant to be demeaning to your wife will likely damage your relationship. The rules you set should accomplish one of two things or both, they should either provide structure to her life or help her grow as a person.