Remember…Protect Your Wife Too!

It can be easy to get lost in the discipline side of your marriage, especially at the beginning of your journey. However, that is only one part of being the head of your household.

Another major responsibility is to always keep your wife safe and healthy. It not only means being her shield and defender from physical harm, but it also means standing up for her if people are disrespecting her, being rude to her, harassing her, or being mean to her.

Step in front of her and make sure she knows you will defend her and that others know they will have to deal with you. You don’t need to be violent, just step up, and tell them if they have something to say, say it to you. If it is safe and possible, have your wife go out to the car or go look at something so she does not get stressed out by the confrontation.

If the problem is with someone in the family or a friend, then try talking to them gently at first, let them know what they said was inappropriate, and ask them to apologize to your wife. When it comes to family and friends it is best to try to deescalate the situation first and resolve it in a non-confrontational manner since one or both of you have an ongoing relationship with the person; however, that does not give them a free pass to be a jerk to your wife.

Remember, your wife is the most important person in your life and you may be forced to make an unpleasant decision. If the person won’t respect your wife or your marriage, you may need to break all ties with them. This is not a step to be taken lightly, but it may become necessary.

We have a simple rule, my wife can be friends with anyone she wants, up to the point where they start disrespecting either one of us or our marriage. I have told her, that if that happens, I will tell her she can no longer associate with that person. The same applies to me, I will cut ties with anyone who disrespects my wife or our marriage.

Your wife and your marriage come before anyone and anything else. If you are unable or unwilling to protect your wife, then you are not cut out to be the head of the household and you should rethink the lifestyle and your role.


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