Maintenance Spankings

A maintenance spanking is a spanking given with the intent to reinforce the roles within the relationship. They can also be used to deal with minor behavioral issues and mistakes that are not severe enough to warrant you punishing your wife. These spankings are a powerful tool available to you.

Unlike punishment, therapy, and play spankings, maintenance spankings occur on an agreed upon schedule and are given regardless of your wife’s behaviour and should follow the same routine everytime.

It is important that you ensure your wife uses the same title you have agreed on for formal situations (eg punishments) since the point of a maintenance spanking is to ensure your wife remembers her role and place in the marriage. Allowing her to call you cutesty names or to get away with trying to sexually arouse herself or you undermines this maintenance or punishment. Remember this is not a play spanking for pleasure, it is meant to help her remember her place and reaffirm your authority over your household. Therefore, it needs to be treated as formally and rigidly as a punishment spanking.

For example, in our home my wife receives a maintenance spanking every Friday afternoon shortly after I get home from work. She is expected to be dressed in traditional feminine clothing skirt and blouse or a dress and, as with her punishment spankings, she is required to ask for her maintenance spanking. She is then taken over my knee and made to explain why she gets a maintenance spanking.

At this point the warmup portion of the spanking begins over her skirt or dress. After a few moments, the skirt comes up and the warmup continues on her panties until I feel it is time for the spanking to really start. Once she is properly warmed up her bottom is bared and she is asked to tell me what her role is and what is my role in the marriage and household. She is then told to recite what her specific responsibilities are. I will often ask her pointed questions such as “who makes the decisions?” and ” what if you don’t agree with a decision I make?”

During this exchange I’m continuing her spanking. Once we get to a point where I feel the spanking has been effective, I tell her that I am going to give her ten more and they will be harder than the rest. I then make her count the last ten and repeat a phrase like “I will obey my husband” with each spanking.

Once it is done, we either go right into aftercare or it’s off to the naughty stool (in lieu of corner time) and then aftercare. Since Friday night’s are our “date nights” we typically go out to dinner after everything is finished up.