Lack of Proper Discipline

Lack of Discipline Leads to Frustration and Self-LoathingThis entry is based off a post I made in an online discussion group related to domestic discipline. The question at hand was, “Can lack of proper discipline in a domestic discipline relationship cause the tih to experience depression?”

The short answer to that questions is yes.

When a person is in a domestic discipline, or any type of total power exchange relationship, as the submissive partner, they expect and need their HoH to discipline them when they break the rules and for their HoH to be in control. If an HoH does not live up to those expectations, it can cause the tih to become depressed. If the tih is not being disciplined when they deserve it, after their partner previously agreed to take on the HoH role in their relationship and to punish them when they deserved, it can cause the tih to feel unloved, unworthy, neglected, or any number of other negative emotions.

Anytime a person’s needs are not met for any amount of time, depression is a risk. When the average person thinks of a TPE they often think the entirety of it is the physical actions, which are often depicted in all forms of media; however, while there will always be some physical component, a much larger part of any TPE type relationship is the psychological aspect.

I will cover the psychological aspect of a domestic discipline relationship in an upcoming post. I find it very important and helpful for the HoH to have at least a basic understanding of behavioral psychology and how their actions can impact another person

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  1. Exactly. So many think it’s just the physical but without the mental aspect it’s good but not magic.
    BTW I’m in a Master/sub slave relationship. When he’s at work I must msg him every time I pee, eat, drink, what I wear (or don’t wear), do laundry, use the dishwasher etc. If I want to leave the flat I need to ask permission for the clothing I wear and send a pic, before I leave. 8 days ago he put me in a 24/7 lock collar and it’s way, way more intense than it was…..

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