Forms of Discipline

When a person thinks about punishing their wife the first thing that they usually think of is the old fashioned method – spanking. This is not the only form of discipline you can use though and sometimes it is the wrong method.

The method and severity you use should fit the offense. Just like you would not cut butter with a chainsaw, caning your wife for coming to bed five minutes late is probably an overkill. You might opt for a simple scolding or a timeout in such a scenario. On the flip side a scolding for being disrespectful would not be sufficient and a good mouth soaping and cornertime might be called for to address her behavior.

When you need to discipline your wife you have a wife range of methods available to you. Any form of discipline you can use with a child you can use with your wife. Since she is an adult you also have other options as well, for example, orgasm denial and requiring them provide you with sexual gratification while not receiving any are two forms of sexual punishments you can use.

Here are a few ideas for disciplining your wife that you can use along with my thoughts on how best to use them.

Spankings: All spankings shall be delivered on the bare bottom. The primary form of spanking will be via bare hand. The use of other implements shall be reserved for serious or repeat infractions.

Corner time: when she behaves like a child, after a spanking, or for minor to moderate behavioral problems make her stand in the corner or sit on a naughty stool to think about her behavior. It will quickly remind her of her place at home.

Extra Chores: Give your wife additional chores if she is slacking off with her regular responsibilities since she obviously has too much free time. As they say, idle hands are the devil’s workshop after all.

Sending to Bed Early: You can use this punishment when your wife is acting like a child, breaks curfew, or stays up past her bedtime without permission. If your wife wants to act like a child, she will be treated as one.

Grounding: Grounding should entail not being allowed to go out on her own except to work and doctor’s appointments. She should be required to come straight home. Grounding will also include not being allowed to watch TV, play any games, use the computer, access the internet, or use her phone for anything other than communication with work, you, and her family, and to make doctor appointments. I recommend not grounding your wife for more than two consecutive weeks. Should you determine that your wife should be grounded for more than two weeks, a bare bottom spanking will be added, and the grounding limited to two weeks.

Washing her mouth out with soap: This punishment works well when the mouth is where the offense orginated, such as lying, excessive or severe disrespect, swearing, and rudeness.

Speech Restrictions: You can restrict your wife’s speech for any reason, but such restrictions should not be in place for more than one week at a time and two weeks a month. Speech restrictions will typically be used in conjunction with your wife’s mouth being washed out with soap.

Writing lines: Make your wife write lines for minor offenses, talking back, or when you feel your wife needs to be reminded that a particular behavior is unacceptable.

Essays: Have your wife write essays for minor offenses, talking back, or when you feel your wife needs to be reminded that a particular behavior is unacceptable.

Crawling/kneeling: You can have your wife kneel and/or crawl if you feel she is attempting to “take control.” As with an over the knee spanking, this is a very humbling punishment and will quickly remind her of her role and place in the marriage.

If you have found other things to be effective, please share in the comments.