My wife and I live a domestic discipline lifestyle with Daddy Dom/little girl sprinkled in to the mix. On this site I will be sharing my thoughts on Domestic Discipline (DD) and Daddy Dom/little girl (DDlg). The hope is to help others interested in a domestic discipline relationship or already living one.

As part of our relationship we embrace, celebrate, and promote traditional gender roles and values as we believe them to be part of the natural order and the cornerstone of a well functioning and strong society. Our relationship is similar to a 1950s marriage where among other things, the husband is the bread winner and the wife is the homemaker. While we acknowledge that the Head of the of Household (HoH) can be a female, we abjectly reject that concept as it is counter to traditional gender roles.

Now, for a very brief introduction.
Online, I go by the name Drauka and I am the HoH. As such, I am responsible for providing, leading, protecting, and ensuring discipline within the home. My wife uses nylita online and is the submissive partner, “taken in hand” (tih) in our relationship and is responsible for maintaining the home, ensuring there is always a home cooked meal when I get home from work, and if we are blessed with children one day she will be the primary caregiver.

This blog will go into further detail for both the HoH and tih roles in separate posts. The content of this blog is based on our journey and shares our views and experiences and is in no way meant to be “authoritative”; however, we do hope that it will help you on your journey.

Please note, that you should not take this information as “gospel”, I am but one single person who is sharing their personal thoughts and views on these topics. If you feel I am wrong or if you have a different opinion on any of these topics, please challenge me. Tell me where you think I am wrong. Tell me what your view is on the topic. I welcome all ideas and opinions, it is good to get various views, it is one of the things that helps us grow and develop.

I hope the information is helpful.

– Drauka Grissa